They’re on my computer now!!

Had a call today asking if my company contacted her a few minutes ago to warn her about a security breach on her Broadband.

After a quick look at the notes, I confirmed that we didn’t call and she suddenly started panicking and mentioned that she gave them all kinds of information. I said bare with me as i need to fill in a form and report this for you, as I’m getting everything prepared she asks me “is that you that’s controlling my computer?”

I said no turn it off now and ring your bank and the police as soon as possible. She was crying and panicking.

I feel so sorry for people that fall victim to this, especially older people who panic when they get these type of calls. They seem to be much more frequent now too.

Please remind any friends or family to be very skeptical when being contacted and to always hang up and call the company directly to check if it’s actually them!

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