Racism is Unacceptable.

I was packing all my stuff up. Got 7 minutes to freedom and I received this call. And the way he starts made me wanna pray. Mostly for myself

“I have an issue with the races presented in your commercials!” I understand and—“no listen!” I’m listening. Go ahead. Jesus. I can feeeeeeel the escalation in my bones. “You run these commercials with just whites and African Americans. Where are the Hispanics or Asians? I see this same commercial every day and it’s only whites and African Americans!” Not what I expected but also not with in my power.

Well I really appreciate the feed back but my job is to explain bills to businesses. I do, personally, have an interest in this because my dear cousins are ethnically Korean. And there are Asians and Hispanics in some commercials. Marketing decides what is shown in which area ad wise so I’m sorry you haven’t received those ads. If we’re gonna continue those phone call I will need to verify your service with us.

“I’m just a concerned citizen. Who thinks this is wrong.” I will notate that on the account you called in about sir. “Y’all can see that?”

Yes. Yes I can. You typed in the account number for your home before you spoke with me. Saying you identify as a “free person” doesn’t change that.

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