Is outbound ever worth doing?

So I am currently in an inbound role, pay is alright. But right now it is VERY busy all the time, and we are not allowed to go into acw or put customers on hold unless we can justify it in a meeting. We do all sorts of calls so it’s a sales role mainly but we also handle complaints as well as other things. No availability ever. I am quickly burning out.

I have a job offer at another company, it’s outbound but customers request a quote online then we call them so it’s not cold calling. The company pays £300 a month more before bonuses. It is ONLY sales so no complaints. Also no working weekends. Apparently you do have a little bit of time between calls but obviously have not verified this yet.

I’ve read a lot of awful things about outbound here and it has put me off the idea so not really sure whether to move. Will I just be getting myself into a bigger mess?

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