If you’re gonna try to get one over on the company, you probably shouldn’t tell me about it.

So I work for a fairly large health insurance company. Today I received a call from a guy saying that he moved to a different state, but still wanted to keep his medical policy with us.

Me: So you can have a mailing address in a different state, but you still need to reside in state to keep your policy. If you moved, you have 60 days until that policy is terminated. If that happens, you qualify for a special enrollment period so you can re-enroll in that state.

Him: So from what you’re telling me, if I just change the mailing/billing address but not the residential, I could keep the policy?

Me: Technically, yes sir. However you’ve told me you moved and that is on record now. We will need to update that address and if you don’t prove your residency in state then that policy will be terminated.

Him: Ugh, whatever. What plans are available in state?

Me: I don’t have access to that information. Here is the number for the Federal Exchange and Company Name of State

Like dude, if you’re going to try to knowingly go against the rules, maybe don’t tell me that. I really don’t understand these people.

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