I don’t get paid enough

Lady calls in and starts the call with a question. She wants to know if she gets a new card, does she need to let other companies know of her new number. My answer is ” Yes” and it’s a simple answer. But thats not good enough…

::::Que 10 minutes of rambling :::

So I obtain the information I need to get the account pulled up and this is our conversation-

Lady ” I’m in the hospital and you guys replaced my card so now my insurance isn’t being paid”

Me ” that’s unfortunate but you do need to contact your insurance to provide the new number”

Lady ” you expect your customers to do that. Why can’t you”

Me ” Ma’am I never expect my credit card company to do that. Its my responsibility to prove my new card number”

Lady ” I’m in the hospital so I can’t do that. You need to fix this”

Me ” I’m sorry to hear about your…”

Rudely interrupts me

Lady ” Your interrupting me and I want your supervisor”

Now I’m pissed because I didn’t interrupt her

Me ” Ma’am I never Interputed you. I waited my turn and spoke when it was. I am sorry that your in the hospital. Do you have anyone that can help you with this?”

Lady ” I do not. That’s why I am calling you. “

Me ” I am sorry to hear that. However, that isn’t something I can help you with. You can contact your insurance and let them know”

Lady ” Your expecting meeee to know my policy number. That’s why I am calling you”

Me ” That’s not a service we offer and again I apologize…”

Lady ” I want to speak to your corporate office. You are not helping meeee”

Me ” That is not something I can do. I’ll get you a supervisor”

Lady ” Good because your being rude and interrupting me.”

Now I’m really pissed….

Me ” look I have never been rude or interrupted you. I will get you a supervisor…”

Lady starts screaming so I place her on hold

At this point I’m laughing at how ridiculous this conversation is. I can’t wait to tell my supervisor but they are already on a call. So while waiting she drops off the line.

I’m sure she is telling the hospital staff about how hard it is to find good help these days…

Mean while I concluded that said hospital is a mental hospital…

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