I didn’t know so therefore, I shouldn’t have to pay

Me: Thank you for calling MyBank, Clueless Lady, this is emerald-avenger, how may I help you?

Clueless Lady: Yeah, I got my statement and there’s interest and I’ve never been charged interest before, why is it there?

Me: I’ll take a look.

I looked at her account balance and payments from the past year. She’s been charged interest on every single statement from the past year and has a total balance accumulating to nearly $20,000. She’s only been making payments for just over the minimum.

Me: Thank you for your patience while I reviewed. You were charged interest because you haven’t paid your balance in full. I see we advised the interest that has accumulated on the balance on each of your statements from the past year.

CL: I have to pay interest if I didn’t pay it off in full?!

Me: …Yes, that is correct. Because you paid at least the minimum due and on time, that’s why you were not assessed a late fee but you’re still responsible for interest.

CL: Well okay, what if I pay off my full statement balance and you just waive my interest fee because I didn’t know and I shouldn’t have to pay it??

Me: I can certainly assist you with a payment to your account but I cannot waive the interest. (I actually can but not when the interest is at $500 and there’s multiple interest charges)

CL: That’s not fair, I didn’t know! If I had known there was interest (We literally advised her in her cardmember agreement when she signed up), I would’ve not signed up.

Me: Your card has an APR rate of-

CL: I don’t care, I don’t want to pay it. I didn’t know! If you won’t waive my interest, I want to speak to somebody else! I’m not going to accept this

Me: *gladly taking the chance to transfer her* Of course, one moment.

Me, I warm transferred her to a colleague who said she would take the call but basically said she was going to tell her the exact same thing I told her.

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