Can you not just cancel it though?

When you get calls like these then you have to worry about the future generation.
M- Me
C- Cuntstomer

M- Good morning your through to (my name) at (bank name) how can i help ypu today?

C- Oh my god thank goodness! I used my card for £300 online on a gambling website and I lost it so I need you to cancel the payment.

M- (repeats back what the customer said out of the sheer stupidity of it all in the hope that i was mistaken)

C- yeah


M- Im sorry, but once you’ve used your card and lost the money, albeit on a gambling site, you’ve still technically spent the money. I am unable to stop the transaction

C- but its still sitting pending, can you not just cancel it though?

M- (sigh of deep exasperation) No, if you had spent this money in a supermarket and bought your shopping, would you be calling me to cancel the payment for your shopping once you got home?

C- No…but… (still not quite getting it) How do i get that money back?

M- Well, you dont. Unfortunately that is one of the many risks of gambling. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?

C- (hangs up)

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