Blame the guy who….does speak english

I work for a UK based call centre to do with cars. First call I ever took in training i Had an older couple ring in.

I asked for the reg of the vehicle but they couldn’t provide. The man told me the vehicle was sitting on their driveway but refused to get out of the car to check the reg.

There was a lot of back and forth about how I couldn’t help unless I had the reg. Eventually I hear the woman in the background saying give me that phone. There’s a scuffle and then women scream down the phone. “If you give my husband a heart attack im going to sue you” I just stay polite and explain how I can help them I just need the reg so if they could check it I can get the process underway to which she replies.

“I don’t understand a word you are saying, are you a foreigner, do you speak English because you definitely aren’t speaking English right now”

I reply in my most bored sounding voice “No I’m Irish, is that a problem?” After several moments of silence the lady said “oooh………..sorry…….” but then proceeded to still refuse to get out of the car to check the reg and comment some more on my foreign accent till I had a manager listening to the call to hang up

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