Always nice to have a fun person on the phone.

I was working from home this weekend and talked to a customer who needed to make a payment. On the weekends our payment system is slow and adding the working from home aspect it’s at snail speed.
I’m not always the best with small talk but I gave him the heads up that it would take a bit to process. Asked him how his day was going.
We had a nice chat with a lot of joking and talked about the crazy weather changes this time of year.

Our call ended like this

Me: “Well, try your best to stay warm! Before I let you go today is there anything else I can do?”
Him: “I guess not. I probably would ask you to shovel but it’s not snowing at the moment so I guess you’re off the hook.”
Me: “Well that’s good because I’d tell you you’re out of luck. I’m definitely not shoveling.”
He starts bursting out laughing “Oh okay. This is where the good customer service ends?”
Me: -Also laughing “Yea. Sorry. That’s just asking too much.”

He tells me to have a good rest of my day and a Happy New Year.
And I heard him chuckling as we hung up.
It was small but an enjoyable call.

Also made me think of an older gentleman I talked to at another job probably 4 years ago at this point. One of my best conversations in this line of work. He and his wife had plans to travel but she got ill and passed. She told him she wanted him to live out the dream for both of them.
He was in his early 80s but sharp as can be. He sold his house, bought an RV and was traveling all over on his own even though his kids were nervous. I can’t remember now but he had an interesting job working with machinery in his younger years and told me about that.
He also shared with me about the places he had been on his road trip. I googled the RV he bought as he told me about it. He was planning on coming my way in about a month, I told him about a small mom and pop restaurant that he was going to go right past and he promised he’d stop in.
I honestly wish I knew how he was doing and got to hear more about his travels. He was the most interesting, sweetest person I’ve ever talked to. For anyone wondering this job was helping wealthy customers with their banking, so they weren’t very strict on AHT it was a metric but the goal was a high number and super easy to attain.

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