A Long String of Me Venting

Just a bunch of small things that occur MORE THAN JUST ONCE that piss me off to no end. For context, every call opens with “Hello this is JuliusNova, how can I help you?”, and I am trained in both reservations and the company’s rewards program, and on top of that rewards is half customer service.


C: I would like to check how many points I have

M: Not a problem, I can definitely look into that for you. Do you have your rewards account number handy?

C: No, I don’t

This wouldn’t be as annoying as it is if, no exaggeration, NINETY FIVE PERCENT OF OUR MEMBERS NEVER HAVE THEIR F#^$ING MEMBER #


M: And then finally, to hold the room I’ll need a valid credit card, ready for it whenever you are.

C: Okay, it’s 1234567890

M: Says it’s declined

C: But you said I pay at the front desk!

M: Correct, but the card has to be valid in order for me to place the reservation.

C: Why are you trying to run my card if I pay for it at the front desk?

M: I’m not trying to run your card.

C: Then why does it need to be valid???


M: It literally will not let me place the reservation otherwise.

The hotel requires a valid card at check in too, why are you making hotel stays if you are that financially irresponsible.


M: And can you verify an email?

C: No email.

I am currently looking at the most email-y email that ever email’d.


Now our current promotion. Our current friggin promotion. We are running a promotion where if you stay at SPECIFICALLY BRANDED properties, you earn triple points. Ooooh, woooow. But for whatever reason, marketing never sends out an in-depth memo to our members, agents, and especially the hotels, about the promotion.

C: Where are my triple points?!

M: Unfortunately you have to stay at our BallerHotel properties in order to earn the triple points.

C: But it says ShitAssRewards on the promo!

M: That is referring to our ShitAssRewards program itself. It’s saying you need to be in our rewards program, but need to stay at a BallerHotel location.

C: I spoke with 3 other agents before and they said I would be earning my points!

Also alongside this, we are running a stay-two-separate STAYS and get a free night promo, and the stays have to be at least 24 hours apart. Can’t check out and check back in. Agents and front desk operators have been describing it as stay 2 nights, get one free. And even worse, front desk operators say “You definitely have a free night.”


C: I can get it for $2 on third party website #52.

M: With our discounts, best rate I have available to me is $3.

C: Why can’t you just match the third party?

I would if my system even gave me the ability to price match in the first place.

M: I can only work with the rates offered by my system.

C: Then I don’t see any point in booking with you!

Sure, if you really want to, go to the third party site that gets their availability 3 days later than I do, so you can book a room, potentially not even get the room you wanted, get a service charge on top of your $2 bringing the rate to $3 anyways, and be unable to cancel or change your reservation, and not earn any loyalty points on top of it and make you ineligible for that free night voucher we’re offering that can be used on a room of ANY value. Go. Right. Ahead. I can explain this all I want but they want to save the $8.


I had a Customer Relations Lead call ME for assistance today. I am a normal floor agent.


If you’re calling me on the road, close your god damn car window.


If you’re nice to me and make the call pleasant, I will bend over backwards to take care of you. I had a caller try to do the stupid price match to a 3rd party site thing to me, and refused to even tell me what site he was looking at. Hung up saying “Customer Service is dead.” Next call, some nice guy from Canada, saying he was coming down for some races or something. Made idle chatter about coming to visit my state, weird travel restrictions, plans and all that fun stuff. Was generally good speaking to this guy, so in contrast to the previous guy, he’d be staying for $124 or something like that, and I went ahead and knocked it down to $92 for him, and signed up for the stay twice get another free promotion, so this stay would be 1 stay towards earning it. He’d need another reservation on the return trip so bingo bango, maximum value.

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