Why is my total bigger than what I paid? I used a gift card?

The title pretty much sums it up. I get the notification, a chat came in. I start with the “Thank you for contacting ***! How can I help you?”

“Yes, I just got my order confirmation, and the total on the email is way different than what the pay screen said. I used two coupons and a gift card.”

“Oh no! I’m no sorry. Can I get the information so I can look into it?” I look it up and see that the total was like $35. I looked at the items she bought and got the coupon promo codes she used and got to investigating. After putting everything in, I got the same total. $35. “I’m sorry ma’am, it seems one of the codes you used isn’t valid for this item, so I’m not sure why you might’ve seen that. How much did you end up paying?”

“Well the screen after I put the gift card in said $5, so why is my total $35?”

This is when I put the dots together.

“Wait…is the charge on your card $35? Or just the order confirmation email?”

“The email.”

“Well then, that would be normal, because the total of the order after everything was $35.”

“But I used a gift card?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t change the actual total of the item, just how much of that total you actually have to pay for.”

“That isn’t possible.”


“I paid $5 so it should say $5, right?” (Poor thing was not trying to be a Karen, she genuinely didn’t understand.)

“The gift card counts as a type of payment, not a discount code.”

We went around in circles for literally ten minutes. I literally couldn’t find more than like five ways to explain gift cards to her. At the point she disconnected from me I feel like she just left because she just didn’t get it, and I wasn’t budging, not because she finally understood. It’s on par with the woman who called to return a puzzle she bought two months ago and it was missing one (1) piece.

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