"So you’re willing to lose a customer for $3 dollars?"

I work for a car rental company as a specialist. Basically when a customer demands a supervisor I take the call.

Many calls. Many angry customers. Gonna drink myself to sleep tonight, but before that I’ll share these two tales.

H: HenriquesDumbCousin C1: First customer

So before transferring me the customer, the agent who received the call explained me the situation: Customer wants to make a one day reservation both pick up and drop off at the Sacramento International Airport.

When booking a reservation, you have two options: pay at the counter and pay in advance. If you pay in advance, you get a better rate. The customer was requesting a supervisor because she wanted to pay at the counter, but get the prepay rate, which in my opinion is an idiotic request. Whatever, I’ll set the record straight and move on.

C1: They told me that if I pay in advance the rate will be 38 USD, and if I pay at the counter it’ll be 41 USD, but I never pay in advance, can you do something about it?

H: I do apologize for the inconvenience ma’am, but it’s not possible to give you the prepay rate if you don’t pay in advance.

C1: Don’t you have a discount or a coupon?

H: No ma’am, I don’t have any coupons available and I don’t see any specials right now.

C1: What’s the base rate you have?

H: 23.99 USD

C1: Why is that? I’m on your website and it shows 22 USD.

H: It is possible that the website has its own special right now. I know it’s weird, but even though we’re the same company, sometimes the website has better rates than my department…

C1: What about that wholesale food company that sells those bigass slices of pizza (not what she actually said, she just mentioned the name of the wholesale food company), I have a membership, don’t you guys offer a discount for that?

Oh God… she’s a member of that Company… I’ve had some really bad experiences with them.

H: Yes, we do have a partnership with them.

C1: How can I apply the discount? I don’t see any options on the website.

This call was taking longer than expected…

H: I’d strongly recommend you go to their website, specifically Wholesale Food Company that sells those bigass slices of pizza Travel dot com.

C1: Why would I need to do that? Why can’t I do it on your website?

Guess I won’t get rid of her anytime soon, might as well just make her a reservation and move on.

H: That’s okay, I’ll add the discount myself, can you please provide me your membership number?

She provides me her membership number…

H: Very well, with unlimited miles, taxes and fees included and your discount, it will be 38 USD…

C1: Pay at the counter?

H: Pay at the counter…

I’ll admit, that felt wholesome.

So I’m just asking her for basic information like her e-mail, phone number, we even laughed at one point, then…

C1: And this is for a Ford Fusion car, right?


H: No ma’am, this is for an Intermediate size vehicle like a Corolla or Chevy Cruze.

C1: What? No, I told the agent that I wanted a Full Size car like a Ford Fusion.

I check to see the rate for a Full Size car, and much to my dismay…

H: A Full Size vehicle would be 42 USD

C1: Don’t you have like an upgrade coupon?

I check, but I couldn’t find an upgrade coupon, not that it would help, if I attached that type of coupon she would get a Standard Size vehicle anyways, not a Full Size.

H: I’m truly sorry ma’am, but this is the best rate I can offer. Should I proceed with the reservation?

C1: Pffft… No. So you’re willing to lose a customer just for 3 dollars?

H: I can’t go any lower, sorry.

C1: Guess I’ll have to go with another company, I won’t rent from you guys anymore.

H: So be it, sorry to hear that.

C1: Wait… did you just say “so be it”?

H: … Yeah?

C1: Tcht, such great customer service you have.

Then I can hear her in the background “can you believe this? He just told me “so be it”.


Nearly 10 minutes trying to assist this bitch just for her to tell me “are you willing to lose a customer just for 3 dollars?”. Don’t like the rate? Feel free to shop around. Such a novelty concept, which leads to the following story where I had to deal with this asshole:

H: HenriquesDumbCousin C2: Second customer

C2: Hey HenriquesDumbCousin, so I just made a Reservation at the Hard Rock Hotel and I liked the rate (it was like 200 USD), but then I realized that I made the Reservation wrong. I selected both pick up and drop off at the Hard Rock Hotel, but I need to return the vehicle at the Orlando International Airport.

H: Uh-huh…

C2: But when I tried to fix my mistake, the rate of the Reservation increased 200 USD more! What’s up with that?

H: I do apologize for that, sir. Most of the time round trips are cheaper when compared to one way rentals.

C2: But Hard Rock and Orlando International are very close!

H: If that’s the case, in order to avoid any issues, I’d strongly recommend you return the vehicle at Hard Rock and take a Taxi or an Uber to Orlando International.

C2: No, no, you don’t understand, I don’t want to return the vehicle at Hard Rock, I want to drop it at Orlando International.

H: I’m truly sorry sir, but there’s nothing I can do.

C2: But it’s not even a one way rental, I mean, I’m dropping the vehicle in the same city.

H: But you’re dropping it in a different location.

Customer continues to request that we do something for him.

C2: There has to be something you can do for me HenriquesDumbCousin.

H: My hands are tied, sir. That’s the best rate we have for you, if you don’t like that rate I’d strongly recommend you shop around.

Awkward silence

C2: What… what did you just say to me?

H: Ummm… you’re welcome to shop around? I mean, you may find a better rate with another company.

C2: Are you even allowed to say that?

H: Pardon me?

C2: HenriquesDumbCousin, I need to speak with a higher up, who do you answer to?

For fuck’s sake.

H: I can’t share that person’s information and he doesn’t take any calls. Sir, I’m sorry, but this is the best rate we can offer, if you don’t like it we won’t force you to pay for it, this is America after all.

C2: “This is America”? So now you’re mocking me.

What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

C2: You think I wouldn’t know that? Of course I can go with another company, you think I haven’t thought about that? Let me tell you, HenriquesDumbCousin, I own several businesses…

H: Not impressive…




H: Asshole…

I’d do a FAQ, but I think I already established that rates are not up to the agent. Don’t like the rate, you’re more than welcome to shop around, if you don’t find anything better, we’ll be here for you.

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