Reverse call center post

On mobile so I hope I do this right.

I had to call about a bill we keep getting for trash service we cancelled September 5th. At first it was $13. Called and they cancelled that. Now it is $45 bucks. Administration fees and trash can removal. Oh and a late fee on the first bill we received of this.

So I call in. The woman says I don’t know why the other people haven’t told you about this. We can’t take anything off.

I took a deep breath… because honestly this is BS. then I replied with “ I really want to vent but I know you don’t make the rules and I honestly don’t want to end up on Reddit Tales from the call center”. She muffled a giggle. And apologized profusely. But still couldn’t do anything.

I told her that sucks but I wouldn’t take it out on her since it isn’t her fault. She said thank you and we ended our call.

So hopefully I made someone’s day by not yelling and instead getting them to laugh.

Still ticked off about the situation though.

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