Lady doesn’t understand how our device payment plan process works

So I work for a small-ish wireless company that’s only in a certain area of the country. When it comes to the customer base….. they aren’t the brightest. And the store reps do NOT help matters either, they give out the wrong info all the time and I have to do everything to correct it constantly.

Had a lady call in, stating she had been charged three times for her watch DPP. I look at her bill, and I immediately know she’s confused. She had payment 23 of 24, and 1 of 24. Check the history for the line, see she got a new watch about a week before her billing cycle ended. Explained to her that, no she wasn’t charged twice. One was for her old watch. The other for her new watch. She insists that she was, and that she had paid off her watch in store. I tried explaining to her that the way we do DPPs is simple: start of the billing cycle, the DPP is automatically added to the bill. So in the systems eyes, that payment is done. So if payment 23 is auto added, and you go in and pay 24, then it is paid off, but because of how it works, it’ll show up on the bill for that cycle. I also tried explaining that regardless of when you get a new device. It will appear on the bill for that cycle.

Apparently I was “wrong” because she insists that it’s not supposed to show up until the next bill. Then she goes off about making sure she got her promos applied to her new phone dpp, because she insisted she got charged full price. Check the promo, reassure that it’s there. And that it doesn’t kick in all at once, rather it applies every month to reduce the dpp payment. She didn’t make a fuss about seeing the dpp for her phone on the bill though (amazing what they pick and choose to whine about). But she kept insisting that I hand her over to a supervisor because she shouldn’t have been charged 3 times. Was more than happy to do so, and last I saw, the supervisor had a hard time trying to explain the process to her.

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