It happened, a customer finally got to me

I’ve had my fair share of nasty calls, but this one takes the cake. I’ve never had a customer make me so angry to the point im shaking.

I won’t go into details, but I was basically trying to help this guy, and he treated me like I was incompetent when I was literally just doing my job. I didn’t even have access to what he wanted because its confidential so I was going to forward his request to someone who could help.

He was just a peice of work, he asked for my name employee number etc and said if he doesn’t get a follow up he will be referring back to me to prove im a liar or someshit.

When I asked for his details so I can send them the right team for follow up, it was really hard to get it off him. Like bitch how are we supposed to help if you wont give us your details.

I ended up speaking in a really stern voice at the end. I asked for email and he was being difficult so I was like “do you want me to follow up or not” in a real stern way. I was about to lose it.

If he spoke like this to me in any other setting I would be telling this mf to fuck off but because I’m at work I have to be professional. I was shaking. This guy got me so mad and upset. I hate assholes!!!!!

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