I lost my credit card OOPSY

So this one is a bit of a twist on the usual as it’s my call to a call centre. Yesterday , I discovered, much to my dismay , I lost my credit card. Where it wandered off to, I have no idea. The HOW it went missing was quickly solved with the discovery of a rather large hole in the card slot of my cell phone case . But I digress. After a few minutes of panicked account checks to make sure all was ok, I relaxed and called my bank.

10 minutes of battling the IVR – seriously I hate the IVR! I got through to Rashmeed.

Rash- opening speel blah blah

Me- hi rash! I lost my CC.

Rash- ohhh crap dude that sucks!

Me – ya , it do. Sad thing is this is the 4th one I’ve lost , it’s very sad.

Rash – laughing . I can relate. Ok I need your bank acct number .

Me – number is (blah) address is (blah) bank is located on (blah road)

Rash- holy crap you’re doing my job for me!

Me – sadly not my first rodeo , Rash

Rash – I’m pulling up your acct one minute

Me- no worries, last 2 transactions are (blah store) and are legit

Rash- howling laughing. Oh you’re awesome! You have all the questions down!

Me- no sense me being cranky about it

Rash- um now comes the sucky part where I remind you to update all your auto payments, shopping accts. And memberships

Me – arrrh yer killing me Rash! I forgot about that!

Sympathetic laughter from Rash

Rash- ok I canceled your card and reported it stolen for you anything else I can do?

Me – ya have some chocolate for me Rash you deserve it .

Rash- you’ve made my day – more laughing

So ya . Was dumb. Lost my card again but made the poor bank dude smile . Win right?

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