For the remainder of this call, my name will be _____

As you all know, certain letters are misheard over the phone, and certain names are butchered to the point where you don’t even bother correcting the customer. My call centre doesn’t care what name you use as long as you get the job done.

So instead of giving my real name, I use a different one which is a single syllable: Jay, like the letter. It means absolutely nothing to me besides the fact that I thought it would be simple enough for the customer not to comment on it (I hate small talk) as well as not mispronounce it, seeing that it is relatively simple. Wrong.

I do my intro, “Thanks for calling [company], this is Jay speaking, how may I help you?” Easy, right? Yet customers hear “Bae”, “Kay” and more bizarrely, “Stacey”. Even when I spell it out for them, they mishear me and are silent for a few seconds before going “okay…” .

My question is, how often is your name butchered? Do you even bother correcting them? And also, what is the easiest name to hear/understand over the phone?

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