Don’t abuse people who have control over your essential services

So this didn’t happen to me so I’m a bit scant on details but I thought this was too good for me to not post it here

So I work for a big telecom in the UK in their cancellations team. Surprisingly, the vast majority of people we speak to are actually pretty reasonable or at the very least non abusive.

Not this guy though, so the guy in my team gets a call, and for one reason or another, some angry Scottish guy is giving him pure abuse for literally no reason. Shouting, swearing, the works. He does what is asked of him instantly and still the customer is totally unreasonable and continues hurling abuse at him.

Anyway they eventually finish the call after 15 minutes of this, but my teammate lets our manager know about what happened. Our manager takes his details (number/name), and proceeds to disconnect all three remaining lines on his account.

So because this guy was an asshole, he’s now lost his numbers forever and has no phone functionality until he’s able to sort out sim cards from another provider. Oh yeah, and he has to wait 2 weeks to unlock his phones. Moral of the story? Don’t abuse people for no reason when they control over your essential services.

TLDR: Guy is an arsehole for no reason so manager goes into his account and immediately disconnects all remaining services.

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