Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I covered Cable TV billing now and then. Simple job if you understand numbers. Often a huge pain because the customer doesn’t. But the most fun part of the job, for me, was the customers calling about their bill being so high, and me explaining the…uh… adult movie charges on PPV.

99% of the callers were surprised, of course. Some were disappointed their spouse was ordering them, some upset that their kids were, and of course some in utter denial that anyone in their house would order such. Naturally, we could give time and date and title and they’d usually get it, even if some stayed in denial.

But once, just once, I got the perfect response.

Me: “Well, it looks like this movie, Busty Beauties 8 (name made up but generic adult title) was ordered last Sunday at 2:14 PM”

Them: “That’s impossible! We weren’t even home! The only person here was my son… …. … OF A B—H!”

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