Burnt out why won’t you fire me.

I work for a rather large mortgage company and have since the beginning of the year, in the beginning I was grateful to have the job, I was happy, the pay was better then anything I had before, and now I hate it. I’ve burnt out. I cant do my customer service voice anymore without cringing, I cant stand the stupid jokes, the annoyed yelling customers, the rudeness, the morons who shouldn’t own a home, I have been doing everything they taught us not to just to get fired. I have hung out on calls, took breaks throughout the day to take my dog potty or get drinks, argued with customers, talked over customers, hung up on rude customers, I get tired of not getting help on escalated calls so I just hang out on the line with the borrower holding until they hang up. My company doesn’t have my back. I’m tired of waiting for them to help me when I need it. I’m tired of being treated like I’m worthless. I’m sick of it all.

I don’t know why they just won’t fire me

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