Bilingual rep – maybe?

Abou 20 years ago, I spent 2 years working for an inbound, satellite TV company. I was technically bilingual via my schooling, but even though the French reps made more per hour, I didn’t feel confident enough in my skills.

One day, there was an issue with the French queue and callers were being bumped into the English line, which was a problem for more many since we also served exclusively French regions.

We were supposed to apologise and dump them back into the proper queue – but their wait times were atrocious.

I’d spent enough time hearing my bilingual coworkers take calls that I was able to pick up the words specific to our industry and so I just started doing those calls in French. The speed at which my 2 team lead’s heads spun around was hilarious.

They tried to persuade my to stay on the French line. I declined. Apparently 20 year old me was not so smart as well as lacking in confidence. I have not kept up the language and kick myself to this day!

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