Internet Doesnt Work

I work for a telecommunications company. Technically I am in the cancelation and retention department however because they dont want us to transfer calls they want us to do tech support as well for basic stuff (despite us not being paid more to do the work of multiple departments) and man does it suck. I had this conversation with a customer who has internet and was so mad because they couldnt get online. When they called in and got regular phone support instead of being transferred to regular tech support the agent transferred them to our department because they said if they cant get the service to work they are cancelling and as soon as they hear that word they transfer to us even though it was a tech support issue. Anyway here was the call I had

Cust: Why isn’t my internet working?

Me: What is it showing on your screen?

Cust: Nothing. It is blank

Me: Ok, so when you open a web browser what does it say and/or do?

Cust: Again nothing. It is blank. I can’t get online

Me: Alright so tell me this. On your modem are the lights green or red?

Cust: Green

Me: Ok so you have service and it is active. The issue is your computer

Cust: Then why can’t I get online?

Me: Can you press the power button on the computer and tell me what happens?

Cust: Fine.

**waits five seconds**

Cust: The dell logo is showing

Me: So your computer was either turned off or in sleep mode and you had to turn it on. You should be able to get online now once it powers on

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