I’m sending the underground mafia after you

I work in auto/cycle insurance. As I’m sure most of you know, your policy has to match what state you live in as each state has different rates, minimum liability limits, etc. If it doesn’t match it can cause issues if a file is claimed.

For a bit more background, when this man called in and I quickly flipped over to see if there were any recent notes or activities to be aware of I found PAGES of notes from supervisors. To summarize the situation that has been going on for months: the man disclosed he did not live in the state his policy and address were listed as since he was a traveling musician. All we really needed from him was proof of residency. No big deal right? After looking over all the notes, I knew exactly where this convo was going and mentally prepared myself to parrot the exact same things my supervisors have already told him multiple times.

Me: Hello, sir, how can I help today?

Caller: Yes, we’re having a bit of an ongoing issue. All I want to do is make a payment but no one will let me.

M: I understand, sir. Unfortunately, due to no proof of residency being sent in I cannot take a payment today. You’re due to expire soon and unless that’s sent in we can’t lift the non renewal cancellation.

C: What do I need to send in?

M: We can accept any of the following: [provides 8 options]

C: Well I don’t have any of those.

M: Not even a current utility bill?

C: No, I get my mail at that address you have but I don’t live there. Can I send in a bank statement?

M: We cannot unfortunately.

C: Why not?

M: It does not fall under the list of acceptable proof of residency per our company guidelines.

C: Well what about the bills you send me?

M: No.

C: Why the hell not? That counts as a bill!

M: We have to send the mail somewhere and using ourselves as proof of residency does not fall under acceptable.

C: Heh, this is ridiculous. If I can’t send in anything then what can I do?

M: Then the policy is going to cancel and will not be renewable. I do apologize but we need to have acceptable proof to keep the policy active.

C: You know what? I’ve already notified the insurance commissioner of what you guys and the local agencies are doing and he’s gonna keep a real close eye on this case. I’m taking all of you companies and you reps to court and sue the hell out of you for tampering with my identity and discrimination against old and disabled people. CLICK

Turns out he called back later that week and got the supervisor who trained me. Same story except this time he also threaten to send the underground mafia after her and the previous reps who spoke with him on top of asking who are CEO is so he could break his f*cking fingers. Needless to say, he was labeled as a threat and handled by the managers. He won’t be getting insurance with us again.

TL;DR: man refused to send in acceptable proof of residency because he didn’t live where he said he did. Threatened to sue individuals, companies, agencies for discrimination and tampering with identity. Called later that week and threatened one of my sups and the rest of us with the underground mafia and physical harm to our CEO. Managers labeled him as a threat and blocked him.

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