There is no strip club here…

Hey there, would like to share a funny short story. So I work for a fruity tech company, I am not sure why, but somehow, I think NSFW calls get routed to me most of the time.

So I got this caller calling somewhat outraged and amused at the same time. He said that his house and that the built in Maps App displayed his property as a strip club. Getting paranoid about this as he apparently shared his address to someone and he never did noticed until someone told him about it just now and apparently he was sharing it to a lot of people before he took note of it.

My manager overheard my probing questions, “was there ever a strip club here?” “Are you sure dont really have a strip club business?”

Dear customer was paranoid about the cops busting in his place to search for hookers and now and how he cannot share the address to people now and might get the wrong idea that he runs a sleazy business and lots of various things.

Anyway I did a research and turns out it is something a T1 cannot solve, escalated it to a T2, he was also laughing his ass off but he’ll get it sorted out.

Tldr: guys property shows up in maps as a [sleazy strip club name] and wants to get it fixed aa fast as he can as he is super paranoid the cops are going to break in to his property for being a strip club.

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