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Not a very exciting one but I work in a call center for “ACME Shoes,” and had a guy call in complaining that his admittedly-overpriced-and-likely-average-quality footwear from our “premium line” had sustained an undue amount of insole degradation within roughly 2 months of use. Annoying, sure, but I was incredibly apologetic and politely directed him to the defective product form, informing him he would almost certainly be granted full compensation (via gift card) for the purchase price. He seemed pretty okay with this, but I was beginning to hear some increasingly discontented chatter in the background (which, as I’m sure you all know, is never a good sign). Suddenly, I’m subjected to a level-10-rage-fueled tirade from some Karen Jr., who I’m sure has never wanted for anything in her entire life, saying she needed to speak with someone who could “actually help,” and that she wasn’t waiting “6-8 weeks for a **curse word** email response from our defective product team (our email turnaround time, btw, is 48-72 hrs. max, which I had also explained earlier in the call). I tried to convey that the defective product form was the only way to go about receiving a replacement pair and/or gift card, but this guy’s terror of a girlfriend was having none of it. Also, in her nonsensical diatribe she was more or less indicating she’d never order from “ACME” again, while simultaneously insisting that “something be done.” So you want a replacement pair of our allegedly horrendous shoes, but a gift card to order said shoes just won’t do, and you’re never patronizing us again…? Nice logic. Once she was done, she said something snippy like “I’ve got more important things to do,” and immediately I heard a vacuum start running (yeah, I’m sure your precious Saturday chores just couldn’t wait, lady). Anyway, the now-emasculated guy gets back on the phone, and I told him I’d send his replacement pair out right away, confirming his style, size and delivery address just to really drive the bold-faced lie home. Once he hung up, I deleted all evidence of the call (thank god our software allows us to do that), and am intending to completely ghost him/especially her. Also making a sticky note of their number on my laptop with bold, capital-lettered “NO.”

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