My Tv Isnt Working

I have been working for a telecommunication company since 2015. I have seen and heard so much stuff so this is a great outlet to vent and just share some great and goofy stories.

This one particular night I was working on escalation calls. The way our center would work was we have team managers who managed their team of agents but they werent always available for escalation calls. They would take agents and dedicate them to full time support where they wouldnt take any live calls but rather just walk the floor and support the agents. And at times they would take regular phone agents, like myself, and would give them split shifts where we would do half the shift on the phone doing live calls and the other half doing support based on the needs of the center. This was a night I started off my shit doing live calls and closing it out doing escalation calls.

Anyway this agent flagged me over and said she had an escalation for an angry older lady. I asked her why and she said it was because she didnt have any tv service and wanted a refund for the month of service. I asked her if she offered her a credit and she did but the lady didnt want it and demanded more and wanted a full month of tv service free and hence I came here.

Me: Hello there, my name is _____ and I am the manager who is assisting and I hear you are requesting a month of service due to being out of service correct?

Cust: YES!!!!! I didnt have any tv service and I shouldnt have to pay for it

Me: I agree. If their was a network outage and you couldnt watch tv then you would get an outage credit for the time you didnt have service. When did the network go down and tv stop working?


Me: Ok, so you were out for a month. I am looking over the acct and their have been no known network issues and no tech calls about service not working. Did you call in the issue?

Cust: No

Me: Did the issue fix itself on its own then?

Cust: Well yea, when they delivered the tv to me I was able to watch it again

Me: I beg your pardon?

Cust: Best Buy. They delivered my tv today and I was able to watch it. They couldnt get me the tv for a month due to it being on backorder and I dont want to pay for the service I couldnt wach

Me: …..

Me: So the reason you couldnt watch tv isnt because of an outage but because you simply didnt have a tv available at the time?

Cust: Yes and since I couldnt use the service I want a refund

Me:: Im sorry maam but if w provided the service to you, which we did, and their was nothing wrong with the service we arent going to give you a full month of it free. We are a service provider and we will provide the service but we dont provide physical tvs to customers that is a piece of equipment you would be responsible for

Cust: No that isnt right I paid for the service but couldnt use it

Me: I understand you couldnt use it but the reason you couldnt use it is no fault of ours, we did everything we were supposed to and provided the service.

Cust: Would you pay for a service if you didnt use it?

Me: No

Cust: Why should I?

Me: Alright, hear me out really quick. Imagine you are at a gas station but you dont have a car. You pay for $20 worth of gas and them just pump it and it goes all over the concrete instead of in the gas tank because again you dont have a car. Is it the gas stations responsibility to provide the car or just the $20 worth of gas?

Cust: What type of question is that, they provide the gas not the car

Me: Exactly. You paid for the tv service and you would be the one to provide the tv, we wouldnt, therefore you arent getting the refund

Cust: **hangs up phone**

I then proceeded to tell the agent to go take her break while I note the acct properly. I figured the cust would call back and try fighting with another manager so I noted if they do to please send me a message and let me know how it goes. Nobody has messaged me back since that night so I assume she just realized she was getting nothing and just took it

What do you think?

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