It’s been years from calls like this, but yisus

Man, I stopped working there at least 3 years now. I knew this kind if stuff happened but I never thought I was going to help someone with an issues like that.

I was working for a credit card phone line on a disputes department to put it lightly, about 2 weeks in my new position (I already worked there for a couple of months, I was moved to that specific department).

Thing is that I started recieving calls about a dollar or a cent charge on a card followed with a big charge for a 100 dollars. This first one, I got a gentleman. He was confused where this charge was comings from. The only thing he knew was that the website was asking for a card for a few cents. So we decided to call them.

The lady responded on the other line. Thank you for calling MBIprobiller, how can I help you?

Then she explained that it was a one time charge for a trial, and then a bigger charge would be on for a whole month of access.

And then, he had to ask;

Cost: I’m sorry, what is this service for?

Mbi: we are third party Payment processor for pornhub, nutaku, brazzers and other world leading adult industry entertainment!

I literally exploted of laughter, they caught me off ward. the mute button is a blessing

Then the costumer had a tone of voice of having the tail in between his legs and just accepted to cancel. Some mofos even called at their jobs to take care if this issues.

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