I refuse to help pricks.

I don’t really care about my call times so I didnt mind that this one was going on longer than average due to me.

At first I assumed the customer was calling in to complain about store policies around the whole covid situation (wearing a mask, not touching phones, having to make an appointment). After I let him vent his frustration he turned on me.

He asked tons of questions. Trade in values, promos, upgrades, and I’d answer every single one. All I got was how incompetent, stupid, and dumb I was. Great, glad you think so because everytime you ask those questions now I’m gonna keep answering with the same answers I just told you because I’m stupid and incompetent. I’m not providing any new information and I’m not going out of my way to find loyalty offers.

Eventually he wanted a supervisor. Good thing I need to ask approval for that because I told him we would be on the line for a long time. Guess you couldn’t wait all day like you said.

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Customer was upset I didn’t ask for his account number

It was our turn to be called