Did I actually work?

I tried to help a lady figure out if she worked or not and was unsuccessful in convincing her. Sorry this isn’t very detailed I just thought it was funny.

Lady calls me: so I wanted to know if I had to report this as having worked

Me: yes?

Lady: so the power went out and I wasn’t actually working but I was there

Me: did you get paid

Lady: yes but I wasn’t actually working because the power was out

Me: but you got paid and worked?

Lady: but I wasn’t actually working just sitting there. Do I still report it

Me: yes, you got paid and worked

Lady: but I actually wasn’t doing work

Goes on same conversation for 20 mins..

Lady: this is still so confusing what happens if I don’t report this at all

I actually wish the call went on for longer. I was enjoying it too much lol

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I am allowed to be mean to telemarketers. It’s great.

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