Customer calls vehicle manufacturer hoping to get bailed out of a used car, he’s been calling all day and I’m so done with it.

A guy called in wanting us to basically bail him out for a vehicle(used, no warranty) he bought that he can’t afford. He called customer service and they told him no, so he called my line, which is advertised as corporate, hoping to reach one of the big wigs.

These were the main points in his long, four minute sob story:

  • I’m on a credit rebuilding program and I can’t miss any payments
  • I knew I couldn’t afford it, but I bought it anyway
  • I can’t afford the payments
  • I have a baby on the way and I just pulled out thousands of dollars to make a baby room
  • The vehicle has problems and the dealership won’t fix it
  • I put less than 800 miles on it
  • I only drive it for work, I haven’t even taken it through the woods yet
  • The dealership didn’t give it a proper ‘once over’ before they sold it to me, it’s their fault
  • Your customer service people were nice, but I can’t keep this, the dealership needs to take it back if they wont fix it
  • I can’t sell it because I’d lose money on it. I need to get a full refund.
  • If I can’t get rid of this, how will I feed my baby?

He bought a 10 year old used vehicle with no warranty that he knew he couldn’t afford then found out he had a baby on the way and is trying to return it. I feel sorry for the guy, he clearly has problems staying on top of his money, but there’s nothing we can do. He thinks we can force the dealership (which may or may not be affiliated with us) to return the vehicle or bail him out all together and has been calling all day.

Every time he calls, he goes right into his sob story. Every time I tell him that my line is for contracted associates and business representatives, so I can’t help him, he repeats his story, emphasizing the baby on the way. Your situation doesn’t change my job and clearance, I still can’t help you. He refuses customer service and I;m ready to tell him to buzz off. But I have to be nice and I can’t do that. Whenever I forward him to customer service, he calls right back and I get the same speech I’ve heard 30 times today. UUGHGHHHGH!

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