Boomer: It’s our fault

Had a middle aged man ring last month, a boomer. I’m in my early 20s myself.

I helped him with his account etc, I threw in some small talk as well as you do. We ended up talking about holidays, the world right now, the economy etc. I usually end up venting about the shoddy work of our (UK) government and customers will agree.

M:me C: customer

M: well this economy has gone down the drain hasn’t it. Wasn’t very strong to begin with.

C: well that’s my generations fault, and the generation above mine.

M:sorry? It’s my generations fault, the millennials. That’s the usual thing right?

C: no not at all. We set up the economy like it is, we were wasteful and were greedy. You millennials are living in the world that my generation created and it’s a shit show.

Now I’m sure it’s six of one and half of the other with how things are, it was just strange to hear someone of that generation acknowledge something like that.

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OH..REAAAAALLLLY? (This almost never happens)

I hate call center work so much.