A customer asked me for her card details to pay her own bill!!

So this customer comes through and asks me to please provide her with her account details so she can pay for her bill.


I had to clean my ears for this one. So here is what happened.

Agent: Welcome to _____ you are speaking with YourGirlfriendMelisa may I please have your name?

Customer: I need my BSB and ACCOUNT number to pay for my bill.

Agent: Stairs at screen for 2 seconds So you want me to give you your account details to pay your bill?

Customer: Yes because I need to pay my bill. It expires tomorrow.

Agent: Tells myself that I need to stop smoking so much weed Okay I won’t be able to assist you there because we can’t disclose that information. Do you perhaps have a credit card?

Customer: Why not?? Why can’t you give me that, other places do that for me.

Agent: I won’t be able to disclose that information even if you are the owner because that is against our policy.

Customer: But why not???

Agent: Because you could be anybody and if that is that case then someone else would have your information and use that to make unauthorized purchases for example.

Customer: But other places do that. I want to pay using my bank details today.

Agent: You could pay via the post office if you would like that or we can use another card?

Customer: No I don’t want to go out and get covid thanks.

Agent: Well then I can’t help you ma’am🤗

Customer: Okay wait let me get my Visa.

Agent: Does payment process

ya’ll🤣….I cannot make this up ya’ll😥😅

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