When they blame you for their mistakes…..

Me: Thank you for calling roadside assistance company. How can I help?

C: You people double charged me! I want this reversed now!

Me: Oh okay I understand. Lets-

C: No you don’t understand! I’ve been with you guys for years and now you’re double charging me! What kind of service is this??

Me: (annoyed) Okay well let me just take a look at your account and see what’s going on. * Go through basic verification* So I see that you made a manual payment. You were already set up for automatic renewal.

C: Yes I know that but I wanted to make the payment early.

Me: If you wanted to make the payment at a different time we would need to have taken off automatic renewal first. That’s the reason why even though you made the manual payment you were still automatically billed.

C: Well that’s not my fault! I’m out of money because of you people.

Me: …..okay. Well I will go ahead and get one of the charges reversed and I will take you off of autorenew. Was there anything else I could help with?

C: No! You people have really screwed me over!

Me: ….. oh okay well you have a nice day and thank you for being a part of roadside assistance company.

C: Don’t thank me! This is theft! You guys are robbing people and I’m reporting you to the Better Business Bureau! click

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