What are some of your biggest pet peeves when working in a call center?

Here my to 10:

  1. When a customer interrupts me to ask a question that they would have had the answer to had they not interrupted.

  2. When I’m trying to guide them through the instructions on how to do something and they finish my sentence for me then mess something up.

  3. When they say letters phonetically that don’t sound like other letters or numbers lol.

  4. When they answer yes or no questions with a story.

  5. When I ask a question and they tell me everything but the answer to said question.

  6. When they ask to be transferred to departments they made up names for. Even worse if they get pissy when you ask them what they need so that you can get them to the actual department they’re supposed to go to.

  7. When they ask a simple question then give a bunch of examples of answers they are looking for. Like ” What time do you guys close? Is it at 1? Is it at 2? Is it at 3? Is it 4?……..”

  8. When they tell me that they know I can do something that I’ve already told them I couldn’t.

  9. Asking me questions and then telling me I’m wrong.

  10. Insisting on knowing my personal opinion on our policies or just trying to force me to answer questions or say things that could get me in trouble.

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