The Night that the phones went out in Kentucky

So I worked for a large telecom… I guess this was four or five years ago now… And one night, our phone system went down. Nobody in the entire Midwest was taking calls. Everyone was screwing around, phones had been down about an hour at this point. Suddenly, I hear it. BEEP Shit, everyon e, it’s happening! Everyone is freaking out because we know we’re gonna be slammed the rest of the night. I have a technician making a payment, and everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting for the next call to come in.

Another hour and a half goes by without a single call, because that technician got lucky, the phones aren’t fixed. I got the only call in the entire Midwest for a two and a half hour period when the phones were down. All these years later, I’m still salty about getting that call.

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I was wondering why natives Americans don’t complain about it.

“I’ll take you and your company to the cleaners!”