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In this line of work, a lot of us had succumb to doing what customer wants to hear vs what is right for the customer. I am guilty of that as well.

But with the recent global events I find myself being more careful than ever. Being on the same situation, I understand that any wrong move could push someone over the cliff.

So I got this customer who chided me for not addressing her request to restore the service immediately without making the necessary payment because she needs to have the service within the next hour.

She has not made any payments since May, any previous payments she made is not enough to cover the outstanding balance to secure her service.

I can go ahead and restore her service but it will most likely be turned off at any time if no payment or anything is done to secure it. I want to give her a longer if not permanent solution (that could be waiving her balance which I could end up losing my job)

As I try to work with my available resources, she got impatient, I understood because she needs the service asap (her last call was way back in June). She didn’t call to reach out to us until her service’s turned off. I could have done something more for her but she didn’t let me. I admit, she got to me when she said that I am busy trying to be right than helping her.

She hit me hard after our call. You know what I mean. I was doing my best to help. I don’t know what else to say. My colleagues advised me to move on. It just kinda put me in a dark corner right now.

What do you think?

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