Stop lying to me!

Me: intro, account verification

Angry Lady: I’ve been trying to get a hold of [supervisor name] for WEEKS [I checked the account notes, she’d first called in 4 days prior] and she’s ALLEGEDLY never available when I call! I’m going to ask you to transfer me to her right now, and I don’t know what I’m going to do if you say she’s not available.

  • Sure enough, the sup she’s asking for is currently on a call. At the time, we had been really busy and were massively understaffed, so sups were having to take calls most of the day. And since it was about 9pm at night, there was no other supervisor on.

Me: I’m very sorry, but [sup] is currently on a call. But I’m happy to see if there’s something I can help you with!

AL: No, no, no. Every time I call in, you people don’t understand what the problem is. [sup] is the only one who can help me.

Me: Okay, well I’m not sure how long her current call will take, but I can ask her to call you back either tonight once she’s done, or tomorrow.

AL: NO. I need to speak to her RIGHT NOW. I’m working tomorrow, and I’m going to bed soon. When will she be done with the call?

Me: [bitch, how would I know?] I’m sorry, but I’m not sure.

AL: dramatic sigh You know, I’m starting to believe that all of the people I talk to are lying to me, and [sup] isn’t actually on the phone. She just doesn’t want to talk to me.

Me: No, I can assure you that’s not the case. I can see that she’s on a call right now. We’ve been very busy lately-

AL: I don’t care how busy you are! She needs to speak with me!

Me: And as I said, depending on how long her current call takes, she may be able to give you a call back tonight. Otherwise, I can ask her or another supervisor to call you tomorrow.

AL: I have to speak with [sup]! I don’t want to talk to anyone else! She’s familiar with what’s going on with my account!

Me: I understand. What time would be best for her to give you a call back?

AL: You’re not listening to me! I need to talk to her now! I won’t be able to talk to her later tonight or tomorrow!

Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry, but she isn’t available to speak with you right this minute.

AL: YOU’RE LYING! Don’t lie to me! I know she’s there sitting next to you, laughing because she doesn’t want to talk to me!

  • I was working from home, so this was incorrect.

Me: No, she isn’t. She’s just on a call.

AL: I’m going to ask you one more time, and you better not lie to me. Is. [Sup]. Available.

Me: No, she’s on the phone.

AL: I’ve had it! I’m done with you people and your lies! How can she always be on the phone, every time I call? How is that possible?!

Me: Well, this is a call center, ma’am.

AL then makes a sound I can best write as: AAAHHHGGGUHHHHH.


And praise the lord, she hung up.

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