Request for expedited covid test result

I work as a call representative for a corporate clinic that has thousands of patients. We currently are listed as a covid testing center for two counties and everyone in the county wants to get tested. As you all know, thousands of people are unemployed due to covid and if you test for covid, companies don’t allow you to come back until your results are a confirmed NEGATIVE. So as a call representative, I schedule appointments and give patients their results once they are ready. Since we are scheduling our own patients AND outside network patients, it takes about 5-7 AFTER getting tested for our system to receive the covid results. So occasionally I get these type of entitled people who demand we get their results as soon as possible.

Patient: Hi so I got tested yesterday and I need my results now Me: checks information: Sorry sir, your results aren’t in yet. Please allow 5-7 days after getting testing for us to receive your results. P: Okay, but you don’t understand. My work is requesting me to get tested and I’ve been out of work for the past couple of weeks. Is there a way you can expedite the result. I need to get back to work. Me: No sir, you have to wait 5-7 days… P: Is there another number I can call to get my results Me: No sir, you tested with us so we are the only ones able to disclose your results. P: Okay, then i expect a call as soon as my results are in *hangs up Me thinking to myself: Yea sure, it’s not like we don’t have to call the couple hundred people for their results -_-

*Stay safe people

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