Pissed off beyond hell

Ok. So It’s a few minutes before my break and this guy calls in already yelling at me on the phone about not being able to log into his online account. He tells me that he put in his security answers and that they were wrong even though he wrote them down and how do we know his answers better than him, right? So I tell him I will send him out his password reset and he goes yeah I just did that aren’t you listening to me missy what are YOU GOING TO DO TO FIX MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT ME THEN I DO. well it will bypass that system and let you into your account so you don’t have to answer the security questions. YEAH I WILL BELIEVE WHEN I SEE HAPPEN MISSY! Ugh cue eye roll I have a Dave on my line. 🙄 I send it out to him and he asks me if I sent it out. I advise it takes 15 minutes to get sent out. He starts screaming again and going WELL I JUST WAITED 15 MINUTES FOR YOU SO NOW YOU WILL WAIT 15 MINUTES FOR ME BECAUSE I AM A PAYING CUSTOMER. Ok sure dave no problem. At this point my tones flat my eyes are stuck from rolling them too hard and he’s on mute so I can grumble angrily at him. 8 minutes pass and he gets the email and asks do I use this password to sign in? YES DAVE USE THE TEMPORARY PASSWORD. He signs in and goes ok now you will help me with this. Where is my 1098. So I tell mr. Daveymcjerkface where to get it and he goes ok well you’re lying since it says 2020. No Dave it was uploaded in 2020 that ones for 2019z he argues with me again and I tell him to click it which he does and goes oh yes you’re correct. Yes Dave of course I’m correct. 2020 hasn’t finished why would we have it’s 1098? So again just as I think it’s over. You will help me with this now. Ughhhhh he asked me about our assistance programs which he doesn’t want to do, and he finally says I’m done bye. And hangs up.

I hate you Dave.

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