My first two-faced customer

Around 3 years ago I had just started on the phones for a large insurance underwriter. I was employed to sell and service home insurance polices for a large very well known bank/building society. One day near the beginning of my time working there I got a call from an elderly customer asking for information on what his policy covered him for. I answered his questions for him and he was perfectly pleasant through the whole encounter. I talked to him for around 20 minutes and had answered his questions then the following happened:

Me: was there anything else I could help you with sir?

Man: No dear, thank you, you were very helpful.

Me: that is no problem at all, you have a lovely rest of your day.

Man: bye dear.

Me: Goodbye.

Man: (before he hung up obviously talking to himself or someone else in the room) well she was a condescending c*** (sound of call hanging up)

Me: (shocked)

My first experience of a two faced customer but most definitely not my last in the 2 and a half years I worked there.

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