My first experience with a Karen

So this was a couple hours ago and it still shocks me until now. I work in reservations for a 3rd party hotel website and I get this call. She was all nice and I thought wow great! After getting her room type and preferences and answering her questions I proceed to get her a room. At $91 before tax and fees. After getting all the necessary information from her we get on the cancellation policy and I tell her it is non refundable and she went absolutely ballistic.

She demanded I give her the rate for $91 and make it refundable. After telling her that we cannot do that she went for her trump card. “I want to speak to your manager.” At that point I was getting flustered, I asked her why.

Karen: This is bad customer service, I’m getting upset here because this is a crappy situation. Let me talk to your manager.

As per policy we only follow our rates and policy, I informed her that it would be useless as she would get the same answer as I have given her. She cannot get the room for $91 and have it refundable.

She then went on demanding for names and location and per policy I can only give her my first name and my general area. That was not enough. After getting berated for 15 mins straight I managed to get a word out and inform her to call this number to get the hotel manager to book her a room with the same rate and refundable. (This is actually against policy but at this point I don’t have a way out and she wouldn’t hang up.)

She took the number down and still demanded to talk to my manager so she can issue a complaint about the bad customer service she experienced.

I’ve had enough at this point and my Manager refusing to take the call to inform her that per the policy we cannot grant her request. So I put her on hold and transferred her to Customer Service, I apologize for the poor CS rep that had to deal with her but that was the only way out that my TL informed me.

So yeah, everything was going swell and then my first ever Karen ruined my perfect day and destroyed my concentration.

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