"I don’t check my credit card statements"

Like most companies, the company I work for offers autopay. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s set up by the CM. It’s super goddamn easy. You have 3 options. Custom amount, minimum payment, balance. Simple, right?

Wrong. CM calls in. They are PISSED. Why? Because they’re behind on their bill. Fair, we do report that to the credit agencies. So let’s explore why. After all, something fucky musta happened.

Okay auto pay cancelled due to being behind… odd, but it happens. I’ve seen people who it’s happened to, they set up the wrong amount after months of paying the same. Ez pz, just some crossed wires.

So, CM explains “I have X amount for my payment. I was TOLD the minimum would be X”. Oh god fucking dammit. I’ve done collections before. I love it because I can help people. Sales and customer service are the goddamn enemy (sales and customer service folks, I love y’all as people, but fuck those that just say whatever).

She then tells me “I don’t check my statement”. What the fuck are you doing. I check ALL my bills. Every single one. “I work 7 days a week”. So goddamn what? I understand you’re busy, but you’re calling pissed, because you’re late. You care about your credit. Yet you don’t check your statements? Shit is available online. You can check that whenever. I have to call certain companies to check my bill, and yet you can’t bother to GO ONLINE? Excuse?

All my sympathy is gone. Fuck ya self. We go through everything. She pays. The entire time she’s whining about being behind. How another company didn’t do this. And I can barely offer sympathy.

Why should I be sympathetic to someone who isn’t be bothered to CHECK THEIR GODDMAN BILL. This isn’t my fault. This is on YOU. The company didn’t fuck you. You fucked yourself. What the fuck do you say to that?

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