Grown man asks his bank to call his mom

Im in escalations for a fairly large bank. A guy in his early twenties called in and he was 58 days late on his auto loan but he thought he should be paid ahead. Looking at his loan, he had been in and out of collections due to some issues with providing insurance on the vehicle. Because of all the issues with the loan and them insisting that they should be paid ahead, we sent the account to our research team to go through and ensure everything is correct.

We tell him that it will take 1-2 business before we can get back with him and he says “can you just call my mom and explain it to her? She handles pretty much everything”. We had to explain to this fully grown man that no, we cannot call his mother who is not affiliated with the account in any way and explain why he is late on his auto loan.

What do you think?

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People that call in before doing ANYTHING else. Ugh

Stop lying to me!