Customer wants to leave negative CSAT score. Is thwarted.

Happened last week.

I’d been going back and forth with a Karen on the phone for over 20 minutes about a system feature she wanted, but we didn’t have yet. Honestly, it was good practice for me learning how to say “no” in 26 different ways, multiple times.

Once she finally gave up whining about how inconvenienced she was and asking what she had to do to “escalate” the feature (despite my explainations that adding a whole ass new feature to a software product can’t be done overnight no matter whose ear you chewed off), I let her know about our suggestion forum where she could go to submit her product idea. Which does actually get checked.

She then drops this gem:

“So, is the suggestion forum where I can go to leave a frowny face and describe how unhappy I am with my service today? And where I can get a manager to see how poor my request was handled?”

Our CSAT/customer service feedback things are sent via email by us once we’re done with a call. Being Karen, she knows this and is one to use that system quite liberally.

Me: Actually, the suggestion forum is right this way! (Starts giving her instructions on how to get there)

She grumbled and followed the instructions. And then refused to be the one to hang up. So I did, happily.

I did not email her the CSAT survey. Nice try, you entitled shitstain.

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