Comparing an associate to a serial killer

This customer had called multiple times regarding this complaint. Basically, she had taken a long time in the fitting room, and the associate had gone to check if she was OK. This turned into the customer saying ‘she’s accusing me of stealing’.

Her whole tone and attitude on the phone stank of Karen. She had me on the phone for an hour moaning about this, and it was her fourth call. However, this part of the interaction nearly broke my professionalism:

Customer: … And you know what? I think that associate has a serious mental problem. She’s like [serial killer]. I’m a psychiatrist, I know about these things.

I don’t want to name the serial killer, as that would make the case identifiable. But this is a prolific serial killer many people know about. This was the first time I spoke beyond showing that I was still listening.

Me: Ma’am, I understand, but it’s not really fair to compare someone trying to do their job to a serial killer.

Customer: She has that same sense of entitlement as he did. I’m telling you, its a textbook case of psychopathy. Why are you defending a psychopath?

Me: I can’t really comment on whether she is or isn’t. All I am saying is that it isn’t fair to make such accusations.

Cue another half an hour of this diatribe. My manager, who was listening, sent an email to the whole team warning us all about this woman and telling them all to check my notes. Apparently she got nothing for all her complaining, as the manager in store refused to go near her and she wouldn’t accept the digital gift card we offered her.

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