Can going into an aux going when receiving a call impact your aux usage? [Avaya]

I’m not a call avoider.

In fact, I’m the guy in the office who is so “by the book” that it annoys people. However, for years I’ve always hit Aux code for after work just incase the call drops while I’m entering notes.

99% of the time, it doesn’t happen and I just immediately go into available.

I take as many calls as everyone else, and my handle time is actually higher than a lot of others, yet I was just told that my Aux usage is high.

Not for breaks or lunches, legit aux usage as if I’m not taking calls.

I know when the simple solution is ”Stop doing it” . But I I’m having a hard time grasping how I could be taking as many calls as others, which higher talk time than others, with equal or lower staff time and have twice as much aux usage that’s not including break time.

Sorry for the rant. I’ve just been analyzing these metrics trying to grasp how this is possible.

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