An itemised bill is a powerful thing

This is from about eleven years ago, when I worked in a billing queue for a large mobile network in the UK.

A woman phoned up huffy but polite, querying the amount on her bill.

“I can see from your itemised bill that your texts ran out on X date, and minutes ran out on Y date, so you started being charged from then.”

“I don’t see how that’s possible, how that many texts and calls could be made? I have loads.”

“Would you like me to go through them with you?”


“Well, I can see one number is repeated a lot. It’s that number the texts and calls run out on on X and Y dates.”

“Could you read the number out to me, please?”

I do so.

There was a pause, and a sad sigh.

“He said he’s stopped talking to her. Thank you for your help. He can pay for his own phone from now on.”

My heart absolutely ached for her, she sounded so weary. I hope she kicked his butt to the curb. Not the only time I wished I could give a customer a hug in that job.

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