A nice call as a palate cleanser

So, a few days ago, a lady called saying she had been billed for a service that had already been cancelled. I ask for the service number, fiscal number of the holder, and set about analysing the situation.

Service belonged to the caller’s late father, cancelled very late last month, I check the last bill, and everything is in order, dates and values wise. I get on the call, and inform the client about this (after offering my condolences for her loss) .

Caller: But I cancelled the service last month, why am I getting a bill now?

Me: Well you see, our bills are always about the prior month, not the month they’re sent out in.

Caller: But it says it’s July’s bill!

Me: Yes, because that’s when it was sent out, but if you check the pdf attached to the billing email-

Caller: Let me open it to check alongside you.

Me: Sure, go ahead.

She opens it, checks where I tell her, and sure enough, she sees it’s all right and it’s indeed the last bill for the last month the service was active.

Caller: Alright, I see now, thank you for explaining, could you check something else for me while we’re talking?

I check the status on contract updating on the services that remained active after her father’s passing, transfer her for another department to take care of a last situation, and that’s the call.

Could have gone badly, because I could tell she wasn’t too happy when the call started, but it all worked well.

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