You mean I have to go outside to pay my bill

I work for a bank from home( accountant). The caller calls in to see if her payments went through. When I stated that one of the two payments she claimed she made didnt go through. This happend.

ME=ME ac= annoying customer

Me: This is Redbanknyce from BS bank (blah blah asks for account

AC: 12345678….. I wanted to know if my payment went through for june I sent in the mail before the 4th June

Now anytime a customer says this to me I know there is going to be a issue just because they mailed a payment…. its 2020 go to the branch or do it over the phone or online.

Me: your payment went through on the 3rd of june but it went towards your May payment. So your still up today because your next pay ment isnt until june 15.

Ac: I spoke to someone last week they didnt say anything about may.

Me: goes through notes. When you spoke to the agent your payment was already processed so it just appeared as june was due.

Ac: no it because people aren’t competent.


Ac: well I sent 2 payments in the mail I try not to do payments over the phone. Im 65 yrs old so I have to go to the bank during this pandemic. Why the f**** would I do that do your job.

Me…… mam we only recieved one I’m not sure if you sent them separate… well…. if you sent both checks do you know if the other on…..*cuts me off

Ac: Bs bank is going to give me the virus because you guys are to stupid to do your job. Your telling me that I have to come out of my house to go in the bank . ( all of are branches are only open drive through right now) Im 65 I cant go out in this .

Now the whole time she is yelling she is throwing things in the background and cursing me out

Me….. thats not what I said but okay is there anything else I can help you with today

Ac: blah blah well no your gonna be sorry for the rest of the day. Just hung up on me.

The whole time she was rude. This lady sounded like one of those ppl who thinks the world revolves around her she literally could have just made the payment over the phone or online.

It doesn’t help that I literally can be sarcastic once a customer starts acting rude out of no where. Or I will just get really quiet till they hang up. I don’t like helping Karen’s…

I also was thinking my mom is 60 she works in a whole hospital runs a whole department. All I wanted to do the whole entire time is to tell her to stop being a d***.

I have a couple more months left of this. The final count down lol

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That time I didn’t believe a caller’s name.

Well… ok, bye then