Stop complaining about the company to support reps

Had a lady call in just now because she had a compliance issue but, as usual, our phone system defaulted her to support for some reason. I inform her this is a compliance issue but I’ll be more than happy to transfer her over so she can resolve her problem. But, of course, she starts complaining.

Lady: “I’m really frustrated because I’m paying for a month of this service and I can’t send an email right now because of this issue but I’m still getting charged”

Ok, that’s how it works. No one else is getting their bill put on hold because of a sending issue. I start going into a little generic empathy statement but she cuts me off and says “ok can you just get me through to compliance please? Thanks”

“Ok” transfer. So annoying. She whines to a support rep about the fundamentals of how our billing structure works when experiencing a compliance issue. If you’re offended by getting BS’d, don’t start complaining to someone who can do nothing about. What else were you expecting? I have trouble with those empathy speeches to begin with when it’s something out of my control because honestly, I’m not sorry. Sorry won’t solve your problem. Let me get you to someone who can help and stop wasting our time. I probably have way more beef with my company than you do anyway, you’re preaching to the choire.

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